Wonky Wednesday – BFL, Spin Me Right Round and Water Tracks

Welcome back to the hag’s hangout, come in come in…Pull up a stool…Grab a mug, readcrone doll the bits you like, and the snippets you don’t? Well sweep them under the rug there in the corner…

This week I (aka the Hag) have an eclectic mix of topics…Oh yes, yes….the knitting is there…we’ll have a peak in my little cupboard of matter to see the new wool, what needle quests I’ve begun in the past week and finally, what’s fully cooked and off the boil!?!?! Not a thing….but maybe next visit there will be something to gander at, eh?

I’ve also read your fortune’s this week and I see water in your future….clear, flavoured you choose, I’ll guide!

Podcaster of the Week – (cue drum roll…) It absolutely has to be ‘The Dancing Geek Podcast‘…hear me now James is back and in perfect form! I’ve missed this man more than dancing geekI can say…and I’m so happy to have him back in my lounge/his garden multi-cam or not! So a massive virtual hug to James and a resounding ‘Welcome Back Me Dears!’

Cupboard Matter, Needle Quests and What’s Off the Boil –

Cupboard Matter is in abundance this week my pretty’s! Let’s crow first about what’s been recently acquired from the lovely Kellee over at Ethereal Fibers. Ethereal YugenIt’s my Halloween Surprise! Logofile Series in the Yūgen Colorway…isn’t this wickedly delightful…it simply screams Trick or Treat….and with my needles it’s headed on a fingerless glove quest around the first of September – Frightful fun it will be! AND I love this so much that I’ve asked Kellee for some DK weight to knit up a jumper for my little ogre (aka Byron Reed…Grandson and fiercest champion of the Hag).

Let me see, let me see what’s next…Oh yes…more streaky goodness…on an impulse (which is better than having no pulse at all) I ebay’ed it….and what dreadfully good deals did I snatch up you ask?!?

First from Hedgerowyarns.co.uk this very autumnal 4 ply 75% Wool 25% polyamide and 1% Thanksgiving socks goodness for the man in my life…(You won’t see him…he hidesStash Enhancement HedgeHog in his man cave and comes out for holiday’s and furniture removals only). This wool and its needles will begin their quest at the end of September early October’ish? We’ll see….

Here we have some Dandy Spellcaster 4 ply fingering weight from Easyknits.co.uk. It’s their 100% Superwash BFL (Blue Faced Leicester) It’s pretty sturdy stuff and I’m going to put it to the test, Easyknits Stash Enhancementknitting up some socks for my grandson’s Byron, Riley and Jackson…let’s see how it stands up eh? Those boys certainly know how to kick it up! I’ll report back as soon as they’ve had a month on the feet of those little ogres!

Eeee gads! There’s another…..Some brilliant woodsy green Stash Enhancement Artisan YarnsArtisan plant dyed – it’s 100 grams/400 metres of lovely heel, toe and stripe for the sock and fingerless gloves quests using the beguiling Hedgerow and Tricksy Treat Yūgen wool’s…

Needle Quests

Hold on to your hats kids….I’ve been a quest freak this week! I don’t know where to begin…(at the beginning silly hag!)…oh yes, yes…right then…

First….my take on the Prohibition Shawl by Elizabeth Zimmerman. Every hag needs a shawl right? (Or maybe two if you keep reading)…I started this shawl a week or two ago…I loved the pattern but not the size of the shawl…so for this one I’m knitting by Prohibition Shawl Alaskaball’s…(Mr. Hag thought this was an odd way to do things until I explained) I’ve got 12 balls of Alaska, in the denim colourway I’ve split the pattern into its three parts…therefore 4 balls per part…no if’s and’s or but’s about it! I’ve got just the perfect faux fur to use for the edging. So if I ever get out of the furnace that is Doha Qatar I’ll be using this in and out of my lodge during the cold wintry months!

Oh look! It’s another lovely shawl just for me (cue boos and hisses at my unabashed selfishness) Using my own hand-dyed silk titled Tea Rose, I’m knitting up the charming Silk Shawl Handdyed Lace Knit Shawl this is a free pattern from Bernat. It’s slow going kids but I’m holding to my promise of at least 10 rows a day – This shawl will be perfect for balmy night walks along the Arabian Sea with my handsome husband.

Now I first saw this pattern on the Canadian Knitter Podcast, hosted by the lovely Sarah who dwells in the land of Toronto…or thereabouts anyway, it’s the Pumpkin Ale pattern  by Ysolda Teague which was a favourite sweater at Rhinebeck a year or so back…pumpkinaleSarah and I are both using Cascade 220. She in burnt orange, like the embers in my fire…and I in the Green Heathers like my Pumpkin Ale Sweater Rhinebeck Book Cascade 220winter hedgerow…I’ll be curious to see how the colours compare out of the boil. I would like to say something, just one thing, about this pattern…it’s gives you a warm feeling…but I had to re-write the chart pattern row numbers in order to organise my knitting past row 7 of the back panel…Holy Horny Toads Batman! Three charts are confusing for a woman of my age and mental capacity. I must say though I am enjoying it and am equally as excited to finish and wear this.

Falling leaves…the smell of cider and donuts….autumn isn’t as far away as you might think…(yes, yes I know it’s just been summer solstice but still time does fly when you’re acornhatbbq’ing and camping) and I’m gearing up for that and Christmas. What is that delightful Handdyed Aran Acorn Hatmess to the left you ask? Well that’s the aran I’ve dyed for the Famous Acorn Hat on Dizzdemey’s Blog right here on WordPress – The  teal/light blue and golden yellow are colours chosen by the 4 year old recipient. The acorn hat will be accompanied by mittens and perhaps a cowl, if there’s enough wool left. By golly I think there might be!

Now crochet isn’t this hags thing…I don’t do well with the hook don’t ya know…but I’ll give anything a go once…I HAD picked up some of the Ice Cream Yarn from Lion Brand with theSpumoni Crochet Quilt intent of KNITTING a hexagon throw for my sister…well let me tell you…it was a mess! Not the hexagon’s themselves but the construction…it wasn’t orderly and frankly I hated it beyond measure. So I looked through one of my books and thought to myself ‘Just crochet squares why don’t you, Haggy McHag’ and so the fruits of my initial efforts are as above…I’ll be showing these each week until you can’t stand it…or I can’t, one of us anyway!

Finally I dyed up some BFL Roving this week…I don’t normally like pinks, most Hags BFL Peppermint Stickdon’t you know…but I was curious. This was a gem right from the start (knocking on wood aka my head) it dyed and dried nicely and it’s spinning like a dream! Stay Tuned for quest assignment.


Literary Corner

Still reading Book One Eye of the World in the Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan, this is the best bedtime reading I’ve had in a long time.

But I’ve also been flipping back through a volume of The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway. There’s, obviously no way to describe a single plot as this book is chocked full of Hemingway’s finest shorts. EH

So if you crave adventure, or just an out of the ordinary offbeat tale have a gander!

ISBN-13: 978-0-684-84332-2


Health –

I’ve been so busy with my knitting and reading and mundane tasks of hearth and home that I’ve forgotten my water this last week. It’s important, keeps your kidney’s healthy etc.. I’d also forgotten how many ways you can maintain your fluid intake without smacking your calorie count out of the park! (Red Sox fan in case anyone is interested)

In the last few days I’ve been a melon freak…Watermelon, Cantalope and Honey Dew. These are full of vitamins and the water content is monumental.

I’ve also been having a popsicle now and then…I know what you’re thinking…’Sugar’ ah well, it’s my choice and I like them….I don’t eat 100 just 1 and I don’t even eat them. I fill up a 16 ounce glass with water and drop it in…flavours the water and last’s a lot longer than it would off the stick

In the end…there are going to be lots of things I forget about, this Hag is of an age you Drinking Water 002 Blog June 24 2015know, but not water…not anymore. There’s an app on my phone now that reminds me to drink water…

Drinking Water Blog June 24 2015

Drinking Water by Chickpin gives users options for number of glasses, alarms and lots more! Find the Link’s Below!

Check it out:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=chickpin.water

iPhone: http://www.ollapp.com/app/drinking-water/iPhone

Well my pretty’s I’m out of warm drinks and out of time for this week….I thank you so much for stepping across my threshold and having a visit! Keep well, and happy until next time!

Yours in Wicked Stitches

The Hag


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I'm a knitter with a penchant for all good food and books One of the afore mentioned have forced me into a battle...can you guess? I'll be writing about it on my blog along with my knitting adventures and reviews of good books, well books I think are good. I'm interested in comments and discussions, adult comments and discussion that is.
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3 Responses to Wonky Wednesday – BFL, Spin Me Right Round and Water Tracks

  1. valeria1966 says:

    Hi Jenn/haggy friend 🙂 I enjoyed your posting a lot 🙂 Oh my you’re really up to no good are you??? 😉 Lots of knitting to be done and I love it all and those yarns are gorgeous too. I like that app for drinking water…can I use it for wine as well??? I like my couldron of wine 😉 Hope all is well in Qatar and I think I need to find my autumn lace yarn that I want to use for ages… 🙂 hugs and take care 🙂 xxx


    • jennbolton says:

      Hello Sweets!
      I’m always up to no good! You should know that by now! 😉
      I would be interested in seeing your autumn lace wool…where’s it’s from?
      Everything is H O T as ever in Qatar…45’c today…stick a fork in me I’m done! hahaha
      I don’t know why you couldn’t use that app for wine…if it works please let us all know! LOL!
      How’s things in the Netherlands? Is it sunny there today?
      Thanks for visiting…make sure I get to see what you cook up with that autumn lace wool!
      Jenn xx

      Liked by 1 person

      • valeria1966 says:

        Hi sweety,
        well if I find that darn yarn I’ll let you know where it’s from because even if my life depends on it I can’t remember but I’ll keep you updated 🙂

        And wow woman that’s hot, hot, hot.. yesterday was ok but now over here it’s humid, hot humid blech weather. I don’t like that at all. It might give thunderstorms but oh well I did get some groceries to do a bbq and tomorow my men will be in Den Haag it’s veteransday tomorow and the king will attend too so that’s fun for those army nerds 😉
        But no bbq tomorow so I hope that mother nature will keep her pms to herself today as sunday won’t be a good day as well.

        Ok now off to clean the mess up over here in our house…really I need a house elf…….. oh no that’s me. Middle name is dobby…………
        hugs and take care
        vleer 🙂


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