Hat’s, Hugs and The Long Walk…

Come in, come in! Welcome back to the Hag’s hovel…have a seat and take a load off….let’s have a quick natter…crone doll Let’s see…what do I have to share…hmmm…Well I can tell you about my Quests…and what I have taken Off the Boil.. There’s an old, new book to talk about and how hugging a hag or anyone else can help you tone up and drop a pound or two… It’s been a busy week here in the desert…visit’s to doctors, dentists and the British Embassy….packing and plans made for a trip to England too! So grab a cuppa and if you’re not too drowsy read on…

Podcast of the Week: Mister Hag turned me on to this podcast about a year ago now…it is by far THE best (non-knitting) podcast coming out of the enchanting land of SDCanada it’s the Sneaky Dragon Podcast! Ian Boothby and Dave Dedrick are wickedly whacky friends whose weekly conversations both endear and sometimes vex the listener! Ian Boothby is an accomplished stand up comedian and sketch writer for CBC radio and tv and Dave is a brilliant artist, who also happens to be an expert in everything Beatle’s…this is a MUST listen podcast! Check them out on iTunes, Twitter @sneakydragon, Facebook and YouTube

Off the Boil

It has been a busy week here in the hovel and I haven’t managed too muchAcorn by Dizzdemey with all of the non-hovel shenanigans but I have taken the acorn hat and a pair of mittens off the boil….I found the Acorn Hat by Dizzdemey a wickedly simple knit and the results are just as a 4 year old boy can expect from his old Cookie! (what my grandkids call me instead of Nanny or Grandma)

Continuing Needle Quests

My good intentions from last week have come to naught, no excuses but lots of reason’s…I have made some head way with two of my quests…

First there’s the Prohibition Shawl by Elizabeth Zimmerman. The shawl is lovely and warm and 33% complete….I’ve stalled as of two days ago as I am considering my options Prohibition Shawlfor the centre panel – I could go with a Celtic pattern and mattress stitch it in or I could continue with the pattern…I’ve given myself until Saturday to decide. The picture here on the right shows where I was last week, green marker at the top, and the bag is one of my own design, my messenger purple and teal fun!

I got busy in the waiting room at the dentist and doctors this week…There are six new Icecream Throwsquares to add to the Ice-Cream Afghan…these are quick and easy and give me a sense of accomplishment, when I really haven’t done a whole lot of work. I’m fussing over ways to put these together so if any of you have suggestions please speak up please.


I believe some of this man’s best work is written under the pen name Richard Bachman and if you’re a fan you’ll know I mean the infamous Stephen King. The book this week is ‘The Long Walk’, and it’s not for those of you with a weak stomach.  This book evokes the long walkfeeling’s of hatred, disgust and outright fear. One hundred boys sign up for a ‘voluntary walk’ and only one will finish. Once signed up there’s no backing out….the rules are simple you must keep walking. If you stop men start counting, three strikes and your…..well the consequences are, as you would expect from Bachman/King…brutal. I should add that The Long Walk was the first Bachman work which resulted in a few restless nights for me. However, the book is a gripping read… a real ‘edge of your seat’ page turner and the ending has such a twist it just might sprain your brain!

Healthy Hugs

Were you aware, on average, that the normal adult burns 10 calories a day hugging? It’s all true!two-friends-hugging-clipart-hug2 There are other benefit’s of hugging as well:

  • Muscle Toning – Arms, Shoulders, Chest and Back
  • Heart rate, blood pressure, and levels of the harmful stress hormone cortisol are reduced
  • Whether your hugged or are the hugger you feel less lonely and therefore happier!

So grab your kids, your spouse/partner, maybe even a total stranger and squeeze with all your might! They and you will feel all the better for it!

Right, I must get back to my hearth…some quests require more boiling time than others. So until next week, keep well and happy!

Yours in Wicked Stitches

The Hag


About jennbolton

I'm a knitter with a penchant for all good food and books One of the afore mentioned have forced me into a battle...can you guess? I'll be writing about it on my blog along with my knitting adventures and reviews of good books, well books I think are good. I'm interested in comments and discussions, adult comments and discussion that is.
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One Response to Hat’s, Hugs and The Long Walk…

  1. valeria1966 says:

    I did read this on the 2th of July so why didn’t I respond then?? No clue 😉 Love the squares for the blanket and the shawl and hat with mittens you’ve been a busy bee 🙂 And does virtual hugs count too with loosing weight??? I mean I do it all the time 😉

    When are you going to England?? 🙂
    hugs and take care 🙂 xxx
    vleer 😉


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