Life, Death and Knit-Therapy

Well me dears it’s been dogs years since I’ve blogged, come in and sit please…My apologies for not getting back to crone dollmy routine after my return from England. There was a bit of drama you see…my Father died. Now I won’t profess to be some sort of ‘together’ hag…I wasn’t. I was devastated in fact…but we heal don’t we…it takes time and when the hurt isn’t so fresh happy, loving memories replace it.

I used knitting as a way to get through the days before and since my Father died…I couldn’t be with him. I live half a world away you see…my brother was with him, which offered him a great deal of comfort I’m certain.

Anyway, during my last conversation with my Father he’d asked me what I was knitting…so I thought it quite appropriate to use knitting and spinning to get myself through those long days of waiting for ‘the phone call’.

I have a bit to show you…so in honour of my Father so let’s get on with it.

 Off the Boil

Byrons Halloween SocksFirst things first….Halloween is just around the corner and I’ve knit up a pair of festive socks for Master Byron….I’ve used my skein of Yugen from Ethereal Fibers . I was quite pleased with these socks…they’re a simple vanilla top down with the afterthought heel which I simple adore…Byron is going to look SPOOK-TASTIC in these!

Next I finished up a simple hat and fingerless gloves the band has a twisted rib stitch and Fingerless Gloves and Hatthe fingerless gloves were quick – I knit these up with some Araucania Merino/Alpaca/Silk which was extremely lush to knit with…if you can find a skein of Aysen grab it quick!

I’ve also worked on some blocks for a lap quilt which I’m sure will take me ages to Quilt Squaresfinish…but I’ve had fun playing with different stitches and patterns in making them. Learning lots about the way I knit as well….

I’ve also done some sewing, I needed to start the project bags I’m sending to my sister for Christmas Project BagChristmas this year…so I ran a test – This bag is made out of some fat quarters I picked up whilst on holiday in England. I have plans to make a bag for myself as well as a bag to give away here, so stay tuned!

What’s New in the Cupboard?

A bit of stash enhancement to show – I won’t link to them….I’ll just drop the pictures in you can see what is what as the labels are still attached….each of these has already by earmarked for a project and it’s been duly noted…so I won’t forget.

Wendy Roam Fusion Mirasol Wachi pina cotton and silk King Cole Zig Zag Hot Socks Spectra Araucania Nuble

I’ll have more next week…when I’ll be kicking off the giveaway campaign for September, October, November and December….discussing my holiday and sharing photo’s…and book chit chatter…

Until then…keep well, safe and happy…Take care!

The Hag!



About jennbolton

I'm a knitter with a penchant for all good food and books One of the afore mentioned have forced me into a battle...can you guess? I'll be writing about it on my blog along with my knitting adventures and reviews of good books, well books I think are good. I'm interested in comments and discussions, adult comments and discussion that is.
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One Response to Life, Death and Knit-Therapy

  1. valeria1966 says:

    Hi sweetie. I’m thinking of you every day and I am glad you restarted your broom to fly over here 👄 your knitting is great and master Byron is a lucky guy 😊👍
    Will send you a pm tomorrow. You are now asleep and I’m going to. Hugs and take care xx


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